Happy Anniversary- Part II: Things I learned

In reflecting back on my one year anniversary here are some things I learned in the first year of doing this.  Some of them may be blindingly obvious but here they are (in no particular order):

1.  Good writing is hard.  I can hear some of you crying saying ‘Fred what the heck do you know about good writing’ and you are probably right.  I spend a good portion of my work day writing, but its generally highly technical and filled with terms of art.  Writing well in plain English turned out to be surprisingly difficult.  Especially if I wanted to avoid using the same set of adjectives over and over.

2.  Writing about wine is even harder.    How do you convey taste to someone?  Often the wine is more than just a laundry list of flavors.  Besides flavors by themselves rarely paint the whole picture.  Which leads me to start thinking about how ridiculous rating systems are.  Do you rate wines on an absolute scale or in comparison with other wines from the same grape or region?  Shouldn’t a very good wine that costs $10 and come from a grape that gives some uncommon or interesting flavors  be rated higher than an excellent wine that is only one of among hundreds and costs $150?  I’ve been doing a lot of thinking (GEEK!) about rating systems lately. There is a blog out there that uses  pictures to rate wines.  Is this any less inscrutable than saying 88 or four stars?

3.  It may be the world WIDE web, but Frederick can be a very small place.  I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from people.   One person even correctly guessed who I was!   I haven’t been confronted by a restaurateur yet, but I suppose it will happen.

4.  Lastly- this was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.  I enjoy writing and thinking about posts.  The comments from everyone are especially gratifying.  Keep them coming and I look forward to another year!

NEXT:  Some future ideas for the blog

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  1. Great blog and great post… I found it through one of the wordpress-generated “related posts”… congrats on your anniversary!

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