Isabella’s still rules

Long time readers will know of my feelings for Isabellas.  My last review of the restaurant is here.  Well just want to say that I have eaten there a couple of times since then, including dinner over the weekend and its still at the top of my list in places to dine in Frederick.  It’s great with a bunch of people, all sampling the dishes.  They’ve added wines and have weekly wine specials.  Of note last night (besides the usual standards I love) was the portobello mushroom with greens and hazelnut cream and the artichoke tops with crabmeat and saffron butter.  The latter looked so good that I could see Mrs. F  weighing the risks of anaphylactic shock over trying them.

The warm bread pudding with caramel was great and I think the baklava was pretty good as well, but I didn’t get a chance to fully taste it as the Fredlings devoured it.


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