Reflections on Fish and Chips

This comment by Mazeway on Frederick Maryland Online (who BTW writes the great blog The Frederick Vegetarian -link at right) got me thinking about fish and chips.  Rarely has a dish consistently disappointed me more.  I lived for several years in England and  love fish and chips, but across the board I have been uniformly disappointed whenever I order it in the States.  [Just to make sure it was not rosy and inaccurate memories of my youth the romanticized fish and chips I can confirm that when I was back in England in the Spring of 2007 that their fish and chips is supreme.]  By the way if you ever find yourself in the North of England the best fish and chips can be found here.

I digress.  The point of this rambling is a question.  Is there anywhere local that you feel serves good fish and chips? I haven’t found it.  If there is let me know.



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2 responses to “Reflections on Fish and Chips

  1. Go Fish in Rehoboth! You can get mushy peas with it, too. I’m headed there this weekend, in fact…

  2. I put out that same question on FMO and got a few replies. Unlike the fish and chips from England you crave, I am looking for a good fish fry like you get in Cleveland, Ohio (where I grew up with awesome Friday fish fries of Lake Erie perch). Sadly, it doesn’t seem to exist in the area.

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