Five Things You Have To Eat in Frederick

Tangentially inspired by another question emailed me I began to wonder the other day what five things do you have to eat in Frederick?    I’m looking for delicious, can’t miss foods that a foodie visitor would want to sample if they came to Frederick.  I’m still mulling over my full list, but here’s the first item on my list:

1.  The asparagus at Isabellas.

I’d love to see your lists, or hear your suggestions.



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8 responses to “Five Things You Have To Eat in Frederick

  1. I totally agree on that asparagus. I’d also add the scallops appetizer at Monocacy Crossing. I’ll come back when I think of more!

  2. Choosing five would be hard:

    1. Seven course tasting menu at Volt or at minimum the hanger steak appetizer at the bar with a perfect Manhattan

    2. Grilled pork with crispy spring roll at Lucky Corner

    3. Alla Puttanesca with goat cheese wood-fired pizza at Il Forno

    4. Streamed crabs at Liberty Road Seafood House

    5. Queso dip at LaPaz (but nothing else)

    6. Blueburger with bacon and shredded lettuce at Wags

    7. Heirloom pineapple tomato from Jubilee or fresh peach from Scenic View at the West Frederick Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. Or Canadian bacon from Rohrer’s Meats, jalapeno goat cheddar from Caprikorn Farms, lemon ginger scone from Cakes for Cause, or chioggia beets from Chesapeake’s Choice. Just go there.

    8. Broiled crispy fish at Thai Rice (complete with eyeballs!)

    9. Vegetarian salad with sesame tofu and hummus and a side of tomato-tamari dressing from The Orchard.

    10. Proscuitto and homemade mozzarella sub with tomato from Vignola’s/Juliet’s Italian Market.

    I could go on…

  3. And to that list I would also add the Dhosas at Nilgiri’s and the chirashi at Roppongi.

  4. Shane

    My Downtown list includes:
    *I apologize for being such a bad speller

    1) Lamb chop appetizer at Acacia

    2) White Pizza at Nido’s

    3) French Onion soup at Quyin’s Attic

    4) Sweet Potato Fries at Brewer’s Ally

    5) Brie at Isabella’s

    Bonus Dessert) Bananas Foster at Danielle’s

    * Tough to keep this list at 5 in downtown Frederick!

  5. Right there with you on the Asparagus fries. Here are a few more to add to the mix:

    1) Pulled pork sandwich @ The Black Hog

    2) Goat Cheese fritters @ Isabella’s

    3) Cambodian Tomato Soup @ Acacia

    4) Beef wrapped in grape leaves @ Lucky Corner

    5) Vinny’s Buffalo Chicken Sandwich @ Proof or @ Tasting Room

    I have to say I’ve been disappointed by Wag’s burgers lately. The last Blue Burger I got there looked and tasted like it was one of those frozen 1/4 pound patty you get in a cardboard box at the grocery store. Their fries are always awesome, though.

  6. You know, those asparagus fries look like they ought to be awful–“Oh look, they’re in a champagne flute. How…quaint” But damn if they aren’t delicious. So yeah, those.

    Exploded Potatoes at Frisco’s!

    I know it’s simple and you’ll think “how could this be special?” But egg and cheese on an everything bagel at Beans and Bagels is on my Top Five Foods list.

    Brownie sundae with peanut butter sauce AND hot fudge at Way Cool.

    Cheesecake at the Mountain View diner. So. good.

  7. Rachel

    This past saturday (1st Saturday of June)happened to walking up Market St and found a new restaurant opened up next to Startbucks across from Tasting Room and Firestones. The name is Cellar Door and my mom and I decided that we had tried most places on market so we would give a try, the hostess (actually two polite young ladies)gave us a copy of the menu and let us look over the wine list while we waited. At first glance the menu had several items I wanted to try. We were informed that the dining room was downstairs and a server would greet us when we entered, a different expierence right off the bat, when we entered the dining room a polite and really nice server met us and led us our table even though we both stood taking in the decour, wood ceiling with brick collums and beautiful table settings were the first thing, but once in our seats we were able to look around and really found a cozy and well decorated room. As for the food, execellent, I had the alaskan salmon and my mom had the Caesar salad with grilled shrimp, all I can say it was great, I’ll leave the long winded adjectives for others but the food was great, service was wonderful and the decour was unbelievable, we stayed for a long time and even had a couple of glasses of wine, felt like we had been transported back in time to an old world restaurant, next time we will bring friends.

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