A Fine Summer Rose

Regular readers will know my fondness for sparkling wines especially Prosecco from Italy.  Always up for new wine experiences, and hearing so many great things about cava (Spanish sparkling wines), we recently  tried one that turned out to be a great summer wine.  It was Celler Vilafranca Penedès Casteller Brut Rosé

This is a non-vintage sparkler from the Spanish region of Catalunya.  It is rose and made up of 70% Trepat and 30% Garnacha grapes.  With a medium amount of bubbles it was a pale salmon color and smelled of strawberries with a hint of mandarin oranges.  Very light and refreshing it had lots of fruity flavors of raspberries and strawberries with a nice crisp, but not overly acidic finish.  Not a complex or profound wine so I gave it an 87, but at $10.99 from the Frederick Wine House it is a great QPR for a fun summer quaffing wine.    I will be returning to this one before the summer is over!




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3 responses to “A Fine Summer Rose

  1. StorageLady

    Is this the pizza wine you were referring to earlier?

  2. fredfood

    No, sorry. Things got real hectic here in real life lately so I haven’t finished that post yet. I promise I’ll do it soon.

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