Volt’s Wine Part II

In checking out their website, which has been updated since I last visited, I noticed that they now have their wine listed posted.  You can take a look at it here.  Really excited to see about 30 wines by the glass and a lot of half bottles.  Half bottles are a real rarity in Frederick.   They are a great way to have some wine and not worry about over consumption, although that is not as much of a concern with Maryland’s ‘merlot to go law’ these days.  It’s also a fun way to try several different wines with your meal.

The list has a lot of breadth, spanning the globe.  There is a lot of emphasis on French wines, and a nice selection of American and German wines as well.  With this list everybody should be able to find something that tickles their fancy.  A good vaiety  of price points as well. Some of the highlights I saw were: a vintage prosecco by the glass, eight half bottles of sparkling wine ( a nice way to start a meal).  As mentioned there is a wide range of  prices.  I saw some very exciting wines at reasonable prices.  For example  they have a 1999 Robert Mondavi Reserve.  According to Wine Spectator this was a 94 point wine (made #12 on their top 100 wines of 2002).  You can’t find this for less than $110 retail these days (and this is a restaurant)  and they have it listed at $90 which is terrific.  Its so reasonable that I am worried that it is a typo.  (There are some mistakes I spotted in the list- Chateau Chass-Speen ?!?)  If it is a typo please put a bottle aside for me at this price when I stop by as a thank you for finding it.  Also the 1999 Paul Jaboulet Aine Domaine St Pierre (WS 93 pts.) has the potential to be  a stunning value at $70 if it is still drinking well.  (2008 is reportedly near the upper end of the drinking window for a 99 Cornas).  Lots of other stuff although the selection of Italians is spare compared to France and Germany.  24 dessert wines by the bottle to finish off your meal.



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3 responses to “Volt’s Wine Part II

  1. My understanding is that the wine list is going to be seriously overhauled–they just wanted to get something on the website pronto. (I, too, was thrilled at some of the good buys and the offerings for people like me who only drink a little and are usually accompanied by a teetotaler. I rarely order whole bottles, but I can drink a split or two glasses easily.)

  2. fredfood

    I can understand that. I am sure they have a lot of other things on their plate so to speak. In thinking about it I was also surprised, based on their stated philosophy, that they didn’t have any local or regional wines whatsoever.

  3. Yeah, I was surprised by that too…but again, I suspect there will be some Maryland (and Virginia) wines on the final list.

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