Mexicali Cantina

Had lunch there (again) and I am too busy today to do a full post, but consistently the best Mexican food, actually TeX-Mex to be precise, in Frederick is without a doubt the Mexicali Cantina.  I have tried La Paz, Casa Rico and Cacique and none of them are as good as Mexicali Cantina.  The Cacique food is nearly identical to Mexicali Cantina (they are both owned by the same person) but Cacique is more expensive which is why MC gets the nod.  As always I love your feedback- good or bad.



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4 responses to “Mexicali Cantina

  1. Totally agree. My husband and son tried the new one on 355 (which I THINK is owned by the MC and Cacique people as well) and said it was borderline inedible. But as it was new, we’ll give it one more shot a few months down the line. If it survives. I find La Paz and Casa Rico loathesome.

  2. Bill

    I heartily concr. Mexicali and Caciqe are consistent; and deliver every time. The specials are great, service is cheerful (even under stress) and they are pleasant to visit.

    La Paz is awful. Bad food (Cold/flavorless/WASP Mex) and the service is surly on top.

  3. bob

    Ditto on La Paz being “loathsome.” Casa Rico is actually my favorite Mexican in Frederick. I’ve only been to Mexicali Cantina once and didn’t think it was that great. It wasn’t bad, but thought the flavors/seasonings were a little bland and haven’t gone back since.

  4. James

    Fajita Grande has the best, freshest Mexican food in Frederick. Don’t let the location (behind the KFC on 40) scare you away.

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