A Matter of Taste

Had an interesting experience that just highlighted the subjectivity of wine and taste.  Usually Mrs. F and I are in sync with our feelings on a wine.  Very often we write down our ratings so as to compare them to each other fairly and I would estimate about 95% of the time we are within two points of each other.  However, this past weekend we had a wine that we couldn’t even agree on what it tasted like let alone a rating.  It wasn’t a bottle we bought, so we knew nothing about it and we were drinking it with some homemade pizza (Mrs. F even made the fresh mozzarella herself!] that we had cooked on the grill.   Anyway, I though the wine was very sweet, over-extracted and full of fake fruit taste.  I think my exact comments were something like “it tastes like bad Two Buck Chuck”  Mrs. F said it was extremely dry, acidic and thin!  We both kind of looked at each other stunned.  After several more tasting we both stuck to our guns.  Just goes to show how truly subjective wine is.  Take all “recommendations” with a grain of salt.  There’s only one palate that truly counts- yours and life is far too short to drink crappy wine.

PS We both thought the wine sucked, but for different reasons (I gave it a 78, Mrs. F an 83).   The remainder of the bottle is in the fridge awaiting incorporation into the next batch of tomato sauce.

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