Volt’s Wine

As the hype toward Volt’s opening (which I have to admit I am buying into) reaches a crescendo I saw a brief blurb today that Volt has selected Aaron Schifferle as their sommelier.  According to that Mr. Schifferle was most recently sommelier and cellar master at the Inn at Little Washington.  Impressive credentials.  I look forward to seeing their wine list.

No mention of it a Volt’s blog.  Although I am insanely jealous and would have loved to have been part of their “focus group” to help develop their wine list!


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4 responses to “Volt’s Wine

  1. Aaron already contributed to the Volt blog here:

    Is publicity really at a fever pitch? I guess I’m as guilty as anybody, since I am a member of the local food media and I’m pretty excited about the restaurant.

  2. Aaron posted to the Volt blog here:

    I guess I’m responsible for at least some of the hype, eh? I think Volt will be worth it.

  3. I’m guessing you don’t read Frederick Maryland Online? We got invited to take a tour months ago and met Aaron and Bryan and Hilda. They were all very impressive and Aaron was very accommodating to all our wine questions.

  4. fredfood

    Thanks for the comments. I love Frederick Maryland Online. I do remember reading about your tour of Volt (actually I’m comment #4 in that post). I forgot you identified the sommelier in that post. There was a press release about it in yesterdays FNP which is what prompted my post.

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