Trapiche Malbec Mendoza 2006

Argentinian Malbec has long been a go-to category when looking for values.  Fortunately this remains so because unlike the Dollar’s problems with the Euro, South American exchange rates have not changed dramatically.   So with that in mind I sampled a bottle of 2006 Trapiche Mabec Mendoza. (approx $8 from Ye Old Spirit Shoppe) Made from 100% malbec grapes it displayed a really deep. dark, inky color.  It smelled of cherry with some oak and a hint of, would you believe bacon.  On the palate it was medium bodied with lots of sour cherry fruit, some plum and tobacco.  Had a lot of oak taste but the website says:

After being racked and the various lots blended, the wine is aged in stainless tanks for a brief period and, selectively, has wood influence.

  This suggests to me that they are using wood chips to get the flavor rather than oak barrels, this is a fairly common practice in less expensive wines and not necesasrily bad in itself, but I think they were a little heavy handed.  Also I found very little tannins and the finish was marred a little by too much acid on the end.  But overall it was still a decent wine especially at this price.  We enjoyed it with spaghetti and red sauce.  Rating 85.


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