Report on Brunswick Farmers Market

Went to the Brunswick Farmers Market this Sunday.  There were about nine vendors there and a fair amount of people milling about.  Starting a farmers market  must be hard and this looked like an decent start.  Had the usual:  strawberries, spinach and salad greens, some asparagus.  Nice produce from Ridgefield Farm & Orchard (Shepherdstown).  Look forward to seeing more of their stuff as the season progresses. Also really happy to see local honey and a meat purveyor.  Talked to the meat guy for a while.  On his farm, WoodTrail Graziers LLC (about 20 minutes away),  he raises all his meat.  Everything free range, no antibiotics, additives, artificial fertilizers etc.  The beef is 100% grass fed.  Pork from Tamworth pigs and pastured and the chicken is pastured in rotating enclosures.    Purchased a frozen whole chicken from him for $3.50 a pound.  Now what to do with it?

Also the Frederick News Post did a front page article on it.  Its great to see things like this get the publicity.  As its a little bit closer to stately Fred Manor than Frederick, I shall try to be a regular.


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