More on the Frederick Wine House

Since my February 14th post on the new wine store in town I have been back there several times.  They continue to grow in a positive way:  their selection has expanded and they have a good, solid selection of wines at all price points.  They now have  more higher end wines for those special occasions than they had before.

Every time I go in there I am without fail impressed by the friendliness, knowledge and their sheer love of wine which comes shining through.  Spend any time in there and see the way they know a lot of the people that come in and you can see how hard they work to foster a sense of community.   Their abundance of free tastings certainly can’t hurt in that department either! Last time I was in there I was looking for some wines to serve with the Mother’s Day meal I was planning.  I told the clerk (sales associate, owner, whatever?) what I was looking for and she had a lot of helpful suggestions.  She was even able to point out which Chardonnays were unoaked (a request that I wouldn’t usually dream of making in most stores around here and the one store I asked in [cough- Spirit Shop-cough] drew a blank stare).  She was honest as well, out of the 7 or 8 specific wines I asked about she admitted she hadn’t tasted one so she couldn’t comment on it.

I also saw they have a grand opening celebration set for May 17th from noon until 5.  Again, here is the link to their site.  I think this is a local business well worth supporting and I think its going to be my go-to wine store in the area. 



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2 responses to “More on the Frederick Wine House

  1. I just love this store. They are incredibly friendly, helpful and they keep track of what I buy to help remember what I like and don’t like.

    Plus, isn’t it nice to see wines that AREN”T Sutter Home and Kendall Jack?
    SO happy they are here….

  2. fredfood

    Thanks for the comment- I really wish them well and will continue to do business with them. The log they keep of the wines you buy could be really helpful.

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