Dutch Process Cocoa

I have several recipes I have been wanting to try and make.  They all call for Dutch process (or processed) cocoa.  Anyone know where I can find some.  So far I have tried MOM’s, The Common Market, Giant, Weis and Safeway.  Its kind of getting to be an obsession.  Thanks

UPDATE:  5/7/80: I found some in the Giant on Rt. 40. I had been looking in the baking section, and it was in the section with the drinking chocolate. D’oh! Perhaps its not as hard to find as I thought.


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2 responses to “Dutch Process Cocoa

  1. Kathleen Simons

    for exceptional dutch process coca try Callebaut or its French associate, Cacao Barry; both are available from many online vendors in the U.S. Really worth the extra $$

  2. fredfood

    Thank so much. I’ll give it a try. There is a dessert from Dolce Italiano: Desserts from the Babbo Kitchen that I have been waiting to try that requires some dutch-process cocoa.

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