Bombay Grill Revisited

As a follow up to my January 16th post I had lunch there yesterday with some friends.  As mentioned I haven’t been there is quite some time.  They still had the lunch buffet.  In fact they’ve expanded it with two more items.  Besides the usual basmati rice, two meat dishes, four vegetable dishes and a dessert item they also had a vegetable biryani and a tray of naan.  I really liked being able to load up on the naan instead of having to wait for it to be brought to the table.   However, I and my two companions all felt that the food was a step below what it had been.   The dishes were bland and uninspired.   Since the dishes rotate it may have been an off day.  Based on the past excellent food I have had there I will certainly give them the benefit of the doubt and will not finalize my judgement until I’ve been there a few more times, but I was certainly disappointed yesterday.  The naan however, remains excellent!



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