Best Pizza?

pizza.jpgPizza- definitely one of my favorite foods.   And it is a source of endless debate, well to be honest argument, in the Fred household.  I am embarrassed to admit that the little Fredlings prefer… Dominos.  There I’ve said it.  This has been the source of endless recriminations and soul searchings for me and Mrs. Fred.  Where did we go wrong?  These kids have been exposed to all range of fine foods and dining experiences, they’ve made their own pizza from scratch yet they still insist on Dominos when given the choice.  (which in light of their preferences turns out to be not very often).  Deep down inside I think its just an attempt to fulfill their sworn duty as kids and rebel against their parents values.

  Which brings us to the question:  What do you think is Frederick’s best pizza?  I have certainly not tried them all, but I have my clear favorite.  Let me know what you think.  Post a comment or click on the contact me and send a me an e-mail.  Thanks,


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5 responses to “Best Pizza?

  1. jeff

    I believe the best take out pizza in Frederick is Bellisarios Pizza on East St, The pizza has just the right amount of crispyness and chewyness in the crust. and it is able to stand up to a few toppings.

  2. fredfood

    Thanks for the comment. I have never had pizza from there and I will give it a try. Sometimes you just get so comfortable with what you like that don’t try anything new!

  3. Andy

    I have had Bellisario’s in the distant past. Was not overly impressed. That being said, I have very high standards when it comes to the everyday pizza parlor. I grew up in North Jersey with Manhattan in my bedroom window and had pizza on every other block. Even the bad pizza back home is better than most around here, that is with one exception. Mama Lucia’s is as close to home as I have found. Great ratio of cheese to sauce, good teture of the dough, and the size of the pie is comparable to back home. It doesn’t hurt that the owners are from The Bronx! I like to call a place and order a larg pie and not be asked if I want apple or cherry!

  4. fredfood

    two votes for Bellisarios! I still haven’t made it there yet but I definitely will!

  5. jeff

    I agree with Andy, it is tough to find any good pies in the area, but you should give Bellisarios another chance.

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