Wine Library TV

Some of you may have noticed the widget I added for Wine Library TV.  I have been a huge fan of WLTV for about 18 months.  The host Gary Vay-Ner-Chuck (look at an episode and you’ll know what I mean) is funny, irreverent and knows his stuff.  I have also come to trust his palate and his integrity.  Its amazing to watch him review an $80 Cabernet that he sells and hear him say its not that good and that he wouldn’t spend his money on it!

WLTV not has not only opened my eyes to different wines but its got me in better shape.  How’s that you say?  Well I download the episodes onto my video iPod and watch them when I’m at the gym.  I actually look forward going to the gym so I can catch up on the latest WLTV episodes.  Many a time I have run/biked/stairmastered beyond what I intended to do so I could finish watching an episode. 

     Check it out its well worth the time-  Just don’t stop coming here!  Remember all the wines I review are available locally. Unfortunately you can’t ship wine to Maryland.  However, a stop at the Wine Library is well worth it if you are in the neighborhood.  Best overall wine store I have ever been in period!



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  1. Thanks for these wine episodes, I’ll be spending some time listening and watching. As far as stopping in, I’m a little out of the way coming from southern Ontario. 🙂

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