Frederick Cellars Cabernet Revisited

I had the Frederick Cellars 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon this evening with some minestrone soup and homemade bread.  I was absolutley surprised by the wine.  Not pleasantly either.  Now I may not have Robert Parker’s palate (it has been reported that he can remember every wine he ever tasted!) but it was only five days ago that I tasted this at the winery and it was a completely different wine tonight.  First of all it was a lot redder- had none of the brick red color I saw at the winery.  It has an overwhelming nose of acetone/nail polish remover. There were flavors of red fruit and cherry with some oak, but it was very thin and sour on the finish.  I know there can be bottle variation, but it makes me wonder what was poured at the winery to be honest.  I dined with Mrs. Fred and the parents of Fred, and we all agreed generally on the wine.  81 points. 

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