Jennifer’s Restaurant

This is just going to be a preliminary review, as I’m not entirely sure I am being fair.  I went to Jennifer’s Restaurant (207 West Patrick Street) for lunch today.  I’ve been there maybe a dozen times over the years.  Always for lunch.  Candidly its always been when someone else has invited me and chosen the place as it’s not at the top of my list.

Service:  75.  They had two waiters working both floors and it was really, really slow. 

Ambiance: 86.  Its a pretty, old building done in the classic pub style.

Food:  82.  This is where I’d like to go back.  The menu is all over the place and there really isn’t any consistent theme.  In discussing our experiences there with my dining companion, we both agreed that we’ve never had anything really good here.  Nothing really bad either, just nothing really good.  I wasn’t particularly hungry so I had the large vegetable quesadilla.  I was average and the fresh spinach and other veggies were completely overwhelmed by the really strong red onion inside.  Salsa was mediocre and clearly came from a can.   Again, remember I’ve always been there for lunch.   If there is something there you feel is outstanding let me know!

Drink: 85.  Its a pub, so I didn’t look at what wine was available and went straight for the beer.  They have four nice, clean taps with both Guinness and Smithwicks (one of my favorites!) on draught.  I had a Smithwicks.  It was absolutely the highlight of my dining experience.

Value: 81.  Prices are in line with downtown Frederick, but the food is only average, so I am not getting a lot of bang for my buck.

 Don’t think this is fair?  Am I missing something?  Is it much better for dinner?  Please let me know.

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